Chef programs

A smart, intuitive, advanced vacuum!

Orved, in cooperation with Top Chefs, discovered innovative techniques to ensure the best conservation of products, extend shelf life, maintain the original taste of food and perform smart processes that would not be impossible under normal atmospheric pressure.

We simplify and automate the vacuum process. We optimise and improve many manual procedures that normally require long time and the constant supervision of an operator.

You can prepare your food with consistent result and reduced costs, saving time in preparation and have food ready in a few seconds at any time of the day with zero waiting time for your customers.

We take advantage of different pressure levels to perform processes that would be impossible in our atmosphere.

What can you do with Orved chef programs? You can achieve special effects on foods such as marinating, extracting flavours, preparing infusions, cleaning clams and much more.

From the simplest to the most complex recipes, from the first ingredient to plating, Orved Chef programs will accompany you throughout the journey.

Why use Orved Chef programs?

To increase the shelf-life of products

Enhancement of flavours, aromas, perfumes

Automatic preset programs

Programs for special preparations

Limitless creativity

Chef results


Marinate in minutes, consident results in a fully automatic way without any supervision. The Marinating function ensures that products absorb the marinade more thoroughly and intensively. Simply place the marinated product in the chamber and start the preset program. The intelligent software is programmed to suck the air in a pulsating rhythm, which opens the cell structure of the meat. This allows the marinade to optimally penetrate the tissue. With just one short cycle, you get a result that would take more than 24 hours using the traditional method. Available for envelopes and containers.


This preset program ensures that the flavour of herbs and spices is transferred to liquid products through osmosis, thus reducing the oxidation of the product and prolonging its shelf-life. This vacuum process extracts the full flavour in just a few minutes without altering essential oils, guaranteeing a unique and intense taste. Prepare fresh soups, special olive oils, cold infusions, new cocktails, cold brew…

Mussels and clams cleaning

Designed for cleaning and removing sand and mollusc debris. We purge sand from shellfish simulating their natural environment, changing the pressure of water as it happens in the ocean. Consistent results and short preparation time: with a special vacuum cycle, we achieve an effect that otherwise would require 12/24 hours!

Tenderize meat

Specific program to soften the meat without loss of weight or quality. Thanks to the vacuum sensor and the smart software we generate a pulsating movement of extracting air, opening the structure of the meat and stretching the fibers. In a few minutes the meat result much more tender and juicier than ever.


This fully automatic program avoids foaming and spillage from the bag of sauces, juices and liquid products, achieving a full vacuum of 99.8%. This vacuum level can only be achieved with Orved machines, thanks to an optimally sensor-controlled level vacuum. The main advantage is the longer shelf-life of the liquid products, up to 7 times the standard time. In addition: no loss of moisture, weight nor flavors; protection of product, pump and vacuum chamber; fully automatic cycle, no supervision is required.

Dense sauces

It includes all the advantges of the Sauces program, but it is specially designed for preparing creamy products such as pumpkin cream or vegetable puree. The cream is mixed by the pressure control, making the velvety smooth and shiny.

Solids and fillings

It makes doughs and fillings more compact and homogeneous. Perfect for mixing better the filling of cannelloni or prepare the meat for hamburgers.

Gas washing

This is a sequential GAS program that alternates vacuum cycles and gas injections. It is ideal for finished confectionery products and stuffed pasta (ravioli, tortellini, cannelloni) with different internal and external textures. It avoids the leakage of the internal part or the breakage of the product during the vacuum phase, thanks to the injection of inert gas. The two levels, "soft" and "strong", differ according to the delicacy of the product filling.

Pastry bases

To make sure all trapped air is extracted from the food product with high liquid control to avoid the spillage from the bag. Ideal for creams and sauces based on milk and eggs that tend to foam quickly. It prepares a homogeneous and shiny product. It ensure to pack the product at 99.8% vacuum for a long shel-life. It is fully automatic and does not require any supervision.

Ice cream bases

It perfectly packages different ice cream bases: from the sorbet bases to the more complex bases, such as pistachio, hazelnut and containing dried fruit. Available in 5 levels, for different cream consistency. Optimal sensor-controlled vacuum with liquid control to avoid the spillage from the bag. Without any supervision it ensures a packing cycle with a final vacuum level of 99.8% for long shelf-life of your gelato base.


It perfectly packs any type meat: it slows down oxidation and the loss of meat liquids (exudate, serous liquid). Thanks to the vacuum sensor, it optimizes the vacuum cycles according to the product volume and stops the evaporation of the meat moisture during the seal phase. It includes Soft Air to gradually return the air into the chamber. The vacuum bag wraps around the product in a controlled way, for better aesthetic results of the packaging and to ensure an optimal protection of both the product and the vacuum bag. It is also used for sharp products.


It includes all the advantages of the Meat program but it is more specific for white meats. It is designed to perfectly packs meat with hollow, delicate and fragile bones (e.g. chicken, rabbit). Avoids bone breakage and blackening of the bones.


Preset program to pack all fishes without evaporation of water and loss of flavours. The vacuum sensor control avoids the excessive loss of liquids of fresh fish and maintains its freshness, quality and aesthetic appearance.

Fresh pasta

It avoids crushing and breaking of the fresh pasta, even if it comes into contact with the bag, thanks to the introduction of inert gas. It avoids the evaporation of the humidity and helps to preserve the product in a protective atmosphere to ensure that the characteristics of the fresh pasta do not change over time. The vacuum sensor optimizes the vacuum cycle, and the gas quantity according to the product volume and the bag size. It avoids waste of gas, optimizing the packaging time to ensure a long shel-life.

Bakery products

Ideal to preserve in modified atmosphere all types of breads, especially for those that are crispy outside and soft inside. All trapped air is extracted from the food product and replaced with a inert gas. The supply of inert gas prevents the product from being crushed even if it comes into contact with the bag. The vacuum sensor optimizes the vacuum cycle and the gas quantity according to the product volume and the bag size. It avoids waste of gas, optimizing the packaging time to ensure a long shel-life.


Ideal for packaging vegetables, avoiding oxidation and deterioration. It can be used for all type of hard vegetables (e.g. pumpkin and carrot).


Modified atmosphere cycle, it first removes the air from the products and then replaces it with inert gas. Ideal for glazed sweet products. The introduction of inert gas prevents the product from being crushed when in contact with the bag.

Powders and spices

All light products are difficult to be packed with a vacuum machine, as during air evacuation the products tend to fly in the vacuum chamber. This programs is designed to perfectly pack all volatile products in a controlled way. The sensor and the software of the machine prevents the powders, during the vacuum phase, from rising and leaving the bag. Powder and spices can be packed to 99.8% vacuum, in short time and without superivision, without worrying about spreading the product all over the chamber.

Is there any alternative to monouse vacuum bags? Yes, use Orved Jar programs

With the Jar programs, you can package all products in a vacuum-resistant containers.

Mason jars, gastronorm container with vacuum valve (e.g. GreenVac containers), reusable plastic container with vacuum valve (Orved Conserbox). All these can be good to contain your product, food or non-food, hard or soft, solid or liquid.

All Orved machines include different preset programs for containers (Jar programs), each one designed according to the type and quantity of product to be packed.