Flavour Guardians

We at Orved have been working for years to ensure:

  • to your families
  • your customers
  • and your friends

Not only the freshness of a healthy and perfectly preserved product but the irreplaceable emotion of savouring a tasty dish, a dish that awakens memories, a dish that tells you a story.

Now finds truly forgotten emotions

Orved, Flavour Guardians

Make those around you feel the care and love behind that dish, behind the choice of a preservation and cooking method that follows you from sowing to harvest, up to the table, that table so full of emotions.

Prodotti freschi

Improve your shopping

Buy quality products on the right day, in the right place and at the right price, even in large quantities: vacuum preservation allows you to store food for a long time, prolonging its freshness and quality.

Respect the raw material

Thanks to the absence of air inside the bags, the vacuum avoids contamination between the products. This allows you to keep all the ingredients in the same fridge, keeping all the nutritional and organoleptic properties unchanged.

Expand your proposal

Work in advance, organise your day and expand the menu of your business to always have a wide choice of recipes available and satisfy the needs and tastes of all your customers.

Enhance the flavours

The best cooking of the products takes place in bags and at low temperatures; sous-vide cooking allows you to cook each product in a delicate and uniform way, enhancing its flavours, aromas and colours to the maximum.