We support the environment

For us at Orved, sustainability is a fundamental value

New processes to reduce waste

  • 100% choice of eco-compatible materials
  • 100% lean production
  • 100% effective production cycles
  • 0% waste
  • 0% environmental impact
  • 0% externalities

Acting in a sustainable way has always been part of Orved’s culture, which pays particular attention to reducing waste by investing annually many economic resources in the development of both production processes and products that are as sustainable as possible.


In the most recent years, the company has allocated more economic resources to the creation of a new production system based on the philosophy of 'LEAN PRODUCTION': the optimisation of production processes, synchronisation and the search for perfection through continuous improvement.

These three aspects represent the essential conditions for eliminating waste, environmental and social externalities, implementing every day extremely streamlined, fluid and fast production cycles, capable of improving the organisational, social and environmental context in which the company operates.

Using our products

Reducing the environmental and energy impact of those who use our machines for storage and vacuum cooking is our daily priority. For this reason, when we design new vacuum systems we try to manufacture them so that they can guarantee maximum energy savings. Greater energy efficiency means greater economic savings for the user and a real environmental advantage.

Eco City

More sustainable products

Reducing the environmental impact is for Orved a circular process that involves the entire life cycle of a product; from its birth to its disposal. The company pays the utmost attention every day in using sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Some materials, such as steel, aluminium, glass and plexiglass, are chosen because they are easily recyclable through careful recycling. Each of our products is more than 95% recyclable making our production the 'top' of efficiency.

Furthermore, to improve the ecological aspect of each product, as well as carefully complying with the directions of the European directives, RoHs and REACH, Orved has further expanded internally the restrictions on the use of substances considered potentially harmful.

The meticulous and careful choice of each supplier also completes the selection process of the best components to always guarantee the production of packing machines and vacuum machines of the highest quality and sustainable for the environment.