Advantages of vacuum

Sous-vide cooking

The advantages of vacuum sealing are not limited to the product conservation phase only, but also extend to the cooking of the final dish. This technique becomes, in fact, a valuable ally of the chef in the kitchen.

  • Quick temperature reduction:
  • it providesgreater flexibility in the use of raw materials: the same ingredient can be used for diversified preparations

  • Greater control of cooking temperatures:
  • hence greater flexibility also in this area, with at least 4 different systems (cooking with quick thermal setting, cooking with slow thermal setting, cooking with thermal drop, cooking with advanced delta –t)

  • The result is food with greater uniformity and homogeneity:
  • This results in an enrichment of flavours and a greaer intensity of the colours

  • Since water boils under vacuum below 100 degrees:
  • it is possible to use extremely lower temperatures than traditional cooking, and therefore decisive in preserving unaltered even the most sensitive organoleptic components, colours, and taste.