SvThermo Line

The best way of cooking is in water at low temperatures, that’s Sous Vide

Precise temperature control

The heating element is a silicone resistance positioned on the whole bottom of the tank, thanks to the PID controller and the PT1000 water temperature probe (A-class) the machine gurantees a control with millesimal precision.

Three core probes

Cooking time in Sous Vide depends on the volume of the product. Sv-Thermo can be equipped with 3 probes to check the core temperature of your product. Vacuum pack your food with a SYV valve, place the bag in water and insert the probe to the product’s core, its temperature will be always under control. Machine can be programmed to stop automatically when the food reaches the final temperature.

SV-Thermo - The 'water' GREEN oven

The heat transmission in sous vide cooking takes place by conduction. Water is the best and most effective conductor of heat, superior to steam thanks to its greater density. Using a dedicated machine for cooking and regenerating in vacuum allows the other equipment to be completely free to perform other functions, such as traditional cooking, browning or finishing. Management costs are much lower with respect to other cooking systems: the fully insulated tank, with Gastronorm 1/1 dimensions, has a smaller size an oven but it can cook up to 15kg of food with a very limited limited consumption: 3kW and 1 liter of water in 12 hours!

Perfect circulation of water

Circulation of water is made by convective principle and continuous injection of water thanks to the direct connection of the machine to the tap. No maintenance is needed as no mechanical parts are used to circulate water. The absence of superfluous mechanisms and the automatic discharge of water makes the machines easy to clean.

Automatic and easy cooking

The machine is equipped with:

  • Digital control panel equipped with 4 display, 4 different timers and acoustic signals
  • Memory of 99 programs
  • 4 operating modes: Cook and Stop, Cook and Chill, Cook and Maintain, Catering
  • 6 Water level controls to adjust and maintain the quantity of water during cooking (up to 6 levels)
  • 2 water inlet connections (cold and hot water), 1 water discharge connection

Complete range



  • Anti-shock glass
  • Ultra-resistant thermal plastic material
  • It can be removed and reassembled in both directions


  • Practical system with basket and removable dividers
  • Possibility to position the product to be cooked vertically

Cooking mode

  • Cooking and turning off
  • Cooking and cooling
  • Cooking and maintenance
  • Catering


  • Three core probes
  • Cooking and cooling
  • Cooking and maintenance
  • Catering

Other features

  • Automatic loading of hot and cold water with date and time adjustment.
  • Automatic reset and/or delayed restoration of the cooking cycle, with hot water loading.
  • Night cooking with low-temperature food preservation.
  • Sound buzzer for end-of-cycle signalling.
  • Water level automatically defined.
  • 2 solenoid valves for water charge, 1 solenoid valve for water discharge.
  • 4 displays.
  • 99 cooking programs.
  • The 3 probes have an accuracy of +/- 0.5°C and the display resolution is 0.1°C.

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