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Evox 31 Hi-Line

The vacuum packaging machines of the Evox Line totally innovate the concept of vacuum, combining the best of technology, innovation and simplicity of use.

From the union between Made in Italy design and technological innovation comes Evox 31 Hi-line.

Compact, very fast and essential, Evox 31 Hi Line presents an elegant touch panel and 5 exclusive “Chef” cycles for marinating, creating infusions and much more in a short time and automatically, without the need for supervision. Robust, reliable and built with high quality materials, it contains all the experience and tradition of the brand Orved.


Evox 31 includes all the latest technology of the professional vacuum machines. The absolute vacuum sensore ensure a perfect vacuum in all circumastances, it does not require calibration to adapt the pressure sensor to the altitude and weather conditions, and it ensure the maximum vacuum with all products: food, non-food or liquids

Rounded corners

Perfect cleaning

Thanks to the rounded corners, the wireless sealing bar and the smoothness of the vacuum chamber, maintenance and cleaning operations are quick and easy.

Touch control panel

Easy to use

Reliable and waterproof touch control panel with a large display and 4 function keys for immediate use and easy control. The best vacuum is ensured by the absolute vacuum sensor and the preset programs.

Modern Italian design

Compact and durable

Robust, reliable and built with high-quality materials it represents all the experience and tradition of the Orved brand. Its compact design allow installation in rooms with limited space .

Evox 31 Hi-Line - Details

  • Curved tempered glass

    Curved tempered glass

    Ultra resistant and unalterable.

  • Automatic calibration

    Automatic calibration

    It does not need to be calibrated to adapt the operation of the pressure sensor to the altitude and weather conditions.

  • Vacuum chamber resistant

    Vacuum chamber resistant

    Vacuum chamber made of a single piece without joints, with FDA certified materials and rounded corners to ensure smooth surfaces and absolute strength.

  • Gas vacuum: protect and preserve any product

    Gas vacuum: protect and preserve any product

    Vacuum-packages even the most delicate and soft products! The gas will prevent any kind of damage or breakage.

  • Touch control panel

    Touch control panel

    Elegant and waterproof touch control panel with 6 backlit function keys and 2 alarm alerts.

  • Automatic alerts

    Automatic alerts

    Automatic warning when the product is too hot or if there is a need to start a cycle of dehumidification of the pump oil.

  • Removable sealing bar

    Removable sealing bar

    Completely removable sealing bar without tools thanks to the interlocking position on pistons.

  • Vacuum Easy

    Vacuum Easy

    Thanks to the "Easy" accessory, completely made of stainless steel, it is possible to create a vacuum outside the chamber with the use of channeled bags.

  • Containers base

    Containers base

    Low circular bottom designed to facilitate packaging in containers.

  • Seals anything

    Seals anything

    By setting the maximum sealing level, the 120 mycron aluminium bags can also be sealed.

Technical specifications


Acciaio inox

Vacuum pump



495x645x288h mm

Vacuum chamber dimensions

355x365x184h mm


37 kg


230v 50/60hz 750w

Max bag dimensions

300x400 mm

Sealing bar

315 mm



Max vacuum level

2 mbar

Standard equipment

pannello_touch Touch panel

gas Gas

easy Easy

h2out Pump dehumidification

programmi_chef Chef programs

programmi_utente User programs

vuoto_su_contenitori Vacuum on containers

vuoto_assoluto Vacuum sensor

Equipment on request

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