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Vacuum Family

From the vacuum industry, the real home machine with a real vacuum and perfect sealing: the automatic vacuum packaging machine for domestic use.

VACUUM FAMILY is very fast, automatic and easily solves any problem of storage at room temperature, in the refrigerator or in the freezer.

VACUUM FAMILY is equipped with accessories that allow the storage of any solid or liquid product.

VACUUM FAMILY: the professional vacuum level for home.

Ideal for: home use.

Technology of the future

Family line

Household vacuum machines can package any type of solid product in practical vacuum bags.

Domestic use

Silent and fast

Solid and ergonomic, the domestic packaging machines allow you to extend the shelf life of the product up to 5 times longer.

Suction tube

Suction system

Useful vacuum suction tube system, to operate vacuum in reusable containers, such as Conserbox.

Vacuum Family - Details

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Technical specifications



Vacuum pump


Type of pump



360x265x126h mm


3,5 kg


230v - 50/60 hz

Sealing bar




Standard equipment

buste_goffrate Channelled bag kit

campanina Suction tube

vuoto_su_contenitori Vacuum on containers

auto_man Auto man

Equipment on request

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