SYV Valve

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The "core probe valve" device, or also SYV (Save Your Vacuum), allows to detect the core temperature of the product being cooked sous-vide , creating barrier to the air passage in the point where the needle probe goes through the bag.

The SYV valve can be reused over and over again, i.e. every time the process involves core temperature sensing.

The choice of materials (Teflon, silicone and stainless steel) allows the SYV valve to be used at temperatures above 100°C; therefore the real limit is the type of bag used.

How does it work?

The heart of the valve is the silicone gasket.The elasticity of the gasket allows the probe needle to pass through and then be removed without any vacuum loss

The gasket is housed in the inner ring nut and is closed by the cap, provided with a central hole to allow the needle passage.

SYV tightness of the device with the bag is guaranteed by the gasket, which seals the ring nut around the hole in the bag, when the outer ring nut is tightened clockwise.

The washer between the bag outer side and the ring nut allows you to tighten the latter avoiding the formation of wrinkles in the bag due to rotation.

Technical details

Cooking processesTemperature
Blast chilling -20°C
Steam oven cooking130°C

A good support

  • High vacuum sealing: Vacuum seals in blast chiller, bain-marie, steam oven up to +130°C for long. Vacuum loss due to bag oxygen permeability is more likely
  • Suitability for food contact: stainless steel, food grade silicone, food grade teflon.

SYV Technical data

Useful data:

  • Temperature: suitable for cooking processes and blast chilling from -20°C to +130°C.
  • Suitable for cooking in water bath up to +100°C.
  • Suitable for cooking in steam oven up to +130°C

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