Bags for sous-vide cooking

Vacuum bags

At Orved’s Research and Development centre, in collaboration with chefs specialised in sous-vide cooking, we have studied and created the best bags for sous-vide cooking.

Orved cooking bags are made up of two very resistant OPA/CPP films which allow vacuum storage and cooking of food up to 121°C*.

All bags are tested by Orved for food use and undergo tests aimed at establishing their uniqueness in terms of suitability.

Sous-vide cooking of food packaged in Orved cooking bags allow to enhance all the flavors, aromas and colours while preserving their organoleptic and nutritional properties at the same time.

Types of cooking bags:

  • Smooth cooking bags
  • Channelled cooking bags
  • Channelled cooking rolls
*121°C for 30 min in thermostatic baths, steam ovens or water baths.

Smooth cooking bags

Channelled cooking bags

Channelled rolls for cooking

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